Botanicals Processing Vacuum Pumps

Selecting the Best Vacuum Pumps for THC/CBD Extraction Workflow

Use of Vacuum Pumps in Botanicals Processing Workflow

The typical THC/CBD extraction workflow consists of several steps. These steps typically include

  • Extraction
  • Winterization
  • Concentration
  • Distillation

For the Extraction step, solvents such as Butane, Ethanol or supercritical CO2 are used to extract CBD/THC from Cannabis. During Winterization, the cooled extract is filtered in a vacuum, before the solvents will be removed again during the concentration step in a rotary evaporator and later in a vacuum oven. In the last step, the terpenes are separated from THC/CBD via distillation (including Short Path, Fractional, and Wiped Film). Vacuum pumps are used to lower the boiling point of the Terpenes, THC and CBD as well as remove any oxygen to inhibit degradation and thermal decomposition.

Welch Vacuum Pumps for Botanicals Processing

Welch offers lab vacuum pumps for all four steps of Botanical extraction.

Welch Pumps used in botanicals processing include: WOB-L® piston pumps such as the 2546B-01, Chemical Resistant low vacuum diaphragm pumps such as the 2052B-01, and oil sealed rotary vane pumps such as the CRVpro or DuoSeal product families.

WOB-L® Piston Pumps

Chemical Resistant Low Vacuum Diaphragm Pumps

CVRpro Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pumps