Compact Turbomolecular Pump Systems (CDK)

Complete, ready-to-use units for generating high vacuums with an extremely high pumping speed in the fore-vacuum range. CDK systems are characterized by a compact design and a user-friendly control of the vacuum system.


All individual components match perfectly. The SST turbomolecular pump is equipped with dry-running, solid-lubricated hybrid rolling bearings (ceramic balls) which prevent the vacuum being contaminated by greases, oils or their decomposition products. This means that the design excludes residual hydrocarbon gas spectra.

All CDK turbomolecular pump systems have an automatic switch off device for the fore-vacuum system. The fore-vacuum combination is switched off as soon as the ultimate pressure has been reached in the receptacle. The solenoid valve in the fore-vacuum piping to the turbomolecular pump is closed simultaneously. This prevents reverse venting of the turbomolecular pump and receptacle.

The major advantages of this automatic switch off are:

  • The service lives of the diaphragm pump are substantially increased to up to 10,000 operating hours
  • The sound level is noticeably reduced by at least 3 dB(A)
  • The operating costs for energy consumption are reduced, especially noticeable when several CDK turbomolecular pump systems are used.


Applications: Molecular distillation/sublimation, Tube furnace, Mass spectrometer, Leak detection, Research.