Portable Vacuum Pumps for Sampling and Filtration

Stationary in labs, mobile for outdoor use - you can bring our portable vacuum pumps with you wherever your work takes you.


Filtration and gas sampling are critical processes across various industries, each demanding precise tools to ensure reliable results. Portable vacuum systems designed for these applications play a pivotal role in facilitating accurate data collection, maintaining sample integrity, and enabling field professionals to carry out their tasks efficiently.

GEMINI vacuum pumps are tailored for sampling and filtration in laboratory and field applications, especially ones related to environmental monitoring. They offer precise gas handling and accurate and reproducible results. 

Their compact design and compatibility with a variety of fluids make them ideal for applications where controlled sampling and filtration are critical. With the ability to maintain consistent flow rates and handle a range of pressures, these environmental monitoring pumps contribute to the efficiency and accuracy of sample processing in diverse research environments.

The Benefits of GEMINI Vacuum Pumps at a Glance:

  • Powerful & Portable - lightweight and compact yet efficient pump design
  • Versatility - stationary in a lab, portable for outdoor use thanks to an adapter for automobile plug-ins and low noise emissions
  • Advanced Chemical Resistance - robust materials ensure durability and resistance to corrosive materials
  • Minimal & Easy Maintenance - they run smoothly without the need for oil lubrication

Read on to learn more about the benefits of using the GEMINI vacuum pumps.

Built Tough

Thanks to polyacrylamide heads and PTFE diaphragms, tubing and valves, the GEMINI environmental monitoring pumps are compatible with a range of substances, even moderately corrosive materials. They are particularly well-suited for handling water, light organic solvents, and weak acids and bases. The robust materials make the pump durable and resistant to corrosion and chemical attack. This specialized construction extends the pump’s lifespan and ensures the integrity of the pumped materials.

Take It Anywhere

The GEMINI filtering and sampling pumps can be easily adapted to the settings in which they are used. Whether you are in a lab or in the field, its lightweight and compact design, coupled with a powerful DC motor, let you enjoy the pump’s portability without compromising on performance.

The pump comes with an adapter for 12V vehicle plug-ins. This allows you to access power from a car or a boat outlet, making the GEMINI pump the perfect solution for on-the-go applications. An AC adapter for indoor outlets is also included, providing the flexibility to use standard power sources, too.

Silence is Golden

Mobility is one thing, but our portable vacuum pumps take versatility to the next level. Beyond the lightweight and compact design, this pump boasts ultra-quiet operation. An ideal solution for noise-sensitive and quiet settings, the GEMINI vacuum pump will meet your performance needs with minimal disruption.

Precise Fluid Handling

This small, but impressive solution combines a flow rate of 13L/min and a vacuum reaching 22 in. Hg (266 mbar), making it fully capable of handling the movement of a wide range of fluids. In scenarios where consistent fluid or gas transfer and a strong negative pressure are necessary, this vacuum pump ensures precise filtering or sampling processes in diverse settings.
Welch’s products include models with convenient vacuum readout and regulation.