Univac laboratory vacuum systems (MPKC)

For the central supply of several vacuum consumers the MPKC diaphragm pumping systems, Univac, are particularly well suited. The Univac systems are available with either 4 or 6 chemical resistant diaphragm pumps (MPC) mounted on a trolley with a microprocessor control system. With ultimate vacuum options of 75 mbar, 8 mbar and 2 mbar and with peak flow rates of up to 50 m3/h the Univac systems are designed to supply vacuum to a whole lab and can achieve a low final vacuum with a high flow rate at the same time.

The measurement and control system is easy to operate and maintain, installed in the switchbox. The built in digital controller allows the vacuum le­vel to be controlled in an easy way and only runs the quantity of pumps necessary to achieve the requirement of the users, saving energy as well as wear on the pumps. When the demand is not 100% the controller cycles the pump(s) being used to ensure even wear.

Suction and exhaust manifolds link the diaphragm pumps to central KF 25 ports. Condensates are caught both before and after the pumps in stainless steel condensers. The final vacuum level is governed by the selection of a particular pump type. The vacuum controller regulates the pump system with its unique software.

Applications: Vacuum network (Netvac)