Local Vacuum Networks for Laboratories - Netvac+

Netvac+ provides a flexible vacuum for your multi-user laboratory, enabling a precise vacuum readily available for all the users and applications in your lab – all from a single netvac+ installation.

To provide the right performance for each of your applications it is important to choose the correct combination of pump, controller, components and netvac+ system. That is why we recommend benefiting from an individual consultation from one of our representatives personally or by phone.

Your Welch representative will be pleased to work with you to transform your needs into a netvac+ system that will perfectly integrate the vacuum into your laboratory, function affordably, and achieve all of this while maintaining the highest level of environmental responsibility.

Results of this multi-port vacuum system are:

  • Precisely controlled vacuum at your point of application
  • Space saving in laboratory – cabinet concealed vacuum pumps and components with accessible controls
  • Energy efficient and environmentally responsible vacuum solution
  • Oil-free chemical resistance, low maintenance