Vacuum Pump for Automated Movement System - Pick & Place

Vacuum Pump for Automated Movement System - Pick & Place

What is Pick and Place System or Automated Movement System?

Pick & place systems allow automated movement of items using a vacuum pump and movable rig. The pump provides vacuum to a suction cup, which picks up the item. The item is moved to its desired location using the rig, then the vacuum pump is disconnected from the suction cup, returning to atmospheric pressure and releasing the item.

Vacuum pick & place system is particularly useful for moving very small items that would be difficult to pick up mechanically, large or heavy items that need to be moved regularly, or delicate items that could be easily damaged.

About Welch Pick and Place Vacuum Pumps

Welch offers a wide variety of vacuum pumps. For selecting the most suitable for your system, contact with our vacuum experts for advice. The most popular model is simplex tank mounted standard duty WOB-L® piston pump model 8150 that provides powerful vacuum up to 27.6" Hg. Moisture tolerance is far superior to that of dry graphite vane vacuum pumps. It’s equipped with a durable 10 gallon vacuum tank system for smooth operation of light industrial processes. 


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