Scroll Pump Series

The scroll pump series from Welch have been designed for applications that involve condensable vapors. The integrated gas ballast, combined with the unique vertical shaft technology, ensure that condensates flow easily from the pump chamber through the exhaust port. The gas ballast device ensures the pumping of vapors up to a defined maximum intake pressure.

To provide a dry-running pump with a best-in-class chemical resistance, all wetted parts receive a PTFE based proprietary treatment which ensures resistance to most corrosive chemicals. This special surface treatment on the wetted parts makes these pumps suitable for a wide range of chemical applications. The drive mechanism and bearings are isolated from the vacuum environment.

The dry running avoids pump oil particles from diffusing back into the suction port of the pump and into the connected apparatus. The time consuming filling and draining of operating oil is also eliminated, which provides a clean handling of the pump.

The scroll pump can be operated either as a single pump or in different pump combinations. Scroll pumps are delivered complete ready-to-use with mains connection cable and plug.

Applications: Vacuum oven, Backing pump for high vacuum systems, Vacuum manifold (Schlenk line), Freeze drying (Lyophilisation), Glove boxes, Concentrator, Drying, Distillation