Turbomolecular pumps from Welch are used in the pressure range from 1x10-1 mbar to 1x10-10 mbar. To generate high and ultra-high vacuum, turbomolecular pumps are equipped with an integrated low vacuum stage.

Its oil-free characteristic guarantees that no self-generation of light gases from hydrocarbon cracking products can arise. To prevent the pump being contaminated by oils, greases or their decomposition products, turbomolecular pumps are equipped with dry, solid-lubricated hybrid bearings with ceramic balls.

 Additional product features:
- Automatic switch off to increase lifetime of fore-vacuum pump
- Monobloc rotors with extremely low residual vibrations
- Special blade design for a high pumping speed and a high compression ratio, particularly for light gases
- The gap-free rotor structure gives fast degassing on the high vacuum side
- Fore-vacuum limiting pressure up to several mbars
- Any operating position
- Very quiet operation, minimal sound level
- Maintenance free under normal operation
- Small dimensions, low weight
- Optional air or water cooling

SST turbomolecular pumps are delivered ready-to-use with controller including 3 m cable, splinter screen and ventilator.

Applications: Molecular distillation/sublimation, Tube furnace, Mass spectrometer, Leak detection, Research