Standard Duty Dry Vacuum Pump

WOB-L® Piston Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps known world-wide for speed, ease of useand long service intervals

WOB-L® Piston Standard Duty Dry Vacuum Pumps

Welch Standard Duty* vacuum pumps use dry, oil-free WOB-L® Piston technology to deliver industry-leading, strong pumping dynamics that support filtration, drying, aspiration, parts forming, and other rough vacuum applications.

There are 17 models available, with free air displacement from 0.4 cfm to 7.1 cfm, and ultimate vacuum pressure as deep as 5 Torr. All keep strong pumping speeds to near their ultimate vacuum pressure. Several models have vacuum controllers with gauges, and some are designed for OEM and production settings. Several models are UL component certified; all have 1PH motors with built in thermal overload protection.

Welch Standard Duty dry vacuum pumps can be used for such vacuum applications as cell culture media sterile filtering/aspiration, DNA/RNA/Plasmid extraction, vacuum ovens, vacuum filtering, vacuum bag parts forming, sampling, cell harvesters, pick and place, package integrity testing, turbidity testing, Rice porosity testing, air sampling and many other laboratory and industrial applications.

*Note: Standard duty dry pumps are not recommended for pumping organic, acidic or basic vapors.