ChemStar Dry

Oil-free deep vacuum pump system for harsh chemical applications

ChemStar® Dry was developed for laboratory operations which require high pumping speed and deep vacuum, such as vacuum manifolds (Schlenk line), freeze dryer, vacuum oven and glove boxes. The system combines a proprietary vacuum blower with patented PTFE diaphragm technology to pump quickly down (150 l/min) to the working range for most evaporative operations (2.0 to 0.1 mbar) with an ultimate pressure of 10-2 mbar.

With its oil-free characteristic, the system is the first practical alternative to oil-seal rotary vane pumps which are mostly used in such kinds of applications. There is no risk of pump damage due to skipped oil changes or maintenance as ChemStar® Dry is an oil-free system. Save the time, expense, and hassle of oil-seal vacuum pumping with ChemStar® Dry.

To handle harsh chemicals, all wetted parts are manufactured from high grade chemical duty materials including PTFE. Corrosive gases and vapors can be pumped without the risk of oil contamination.

With its simple and quick software control, the system can be easily handled by new and inexperienced users. The software minimizes potential application errors due to incorrect use of the vacuum pump.

Moreover, the integrated self-cleaning function removes condensate vapor at shutdown which contributes to consistent top performance and extended lifetime of the product.

Applications: Vacuum manifold (Schlenk Line), Freeze Dryer, Vacuum Oven, Glove Box.